Petit Pâtisserie Giveaway!!

Hi everyone!!

I just made a small update of my Petit Pâtisserie pinback buttons on my Etsy,
you can find them now in a sets of two pieces.
I just finished with a huge custom order for a wedding favors and now I would like to offer you a
sweet giveaway! A set of four pinback buttons, the ones that you can see in the image above.

How can you win? All you have to do is:

1) Leave a comment below this blog post telling me
about your favorite item in my Etsy shop

Also, it would make me happy if you join me on my facebook page!

On Tuesday, June 29rd, 2010 I will announce the lucky winner.

Please make sure you have a way for me to contact you (email in profile or in comments).

Thank you very much!!
Hola a todo el mundo!!
Acabo the listar nuevos Petit Pâtisserie pins en my tienda en Etsy, podeis encontrarlos ahora en sets de dos piezas.
Y Justo ayer acabé con un enorme pedido para una boda, así que me gustaría ofreceros un pequeño regalito, un set de cuatro de mis pastelitos pins, los que podéis ver en la imagen arriba.

Cómo ganarlos? Sencillamente:

1) Dejar vuestro comenterio en este post, contándome cual de mis productos de mi tienda en Etsy os gusta más.

También me haría feliz que os paséis por mi página en Facebook!

El Mates, 29 de Junio anuciaré al ganador-a.

Por favor dejad alguna forma de contacto junto al comentario.

Muchas gracias!!

27 comentarios:

Maluma dijo...

I couldn't decide for one of your "petit patisserie" offers - they are all beautiful.
but i'm thinking about getting one of your collages. Bird L8 would be my choice then - perfect colours :)

seifenblase (at) hotmail (dot) com

Pilli Pilli dijo...


Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!!!

So here it goes, my absolute, favourite from you shop is the Petit Patisserie Pincushion 11!
I adore it! Although it would probably leave me with perpetual hunger for chocolate while working at my sewing table :o)


SUSANA dijo...

No em facis escullir.....m´agraden tots!!!
Vaaaa que em toqui.
Petonàs enorme, artistassa!

Z dijo...

oh! i love the little pasterie buttons.... they are lovely.
Congrats on your wonderful work....

El osito con zapatos nuevos dijo...

¿Sinceramente? ¡No puedo elegir un sólo artículo! Llevo desde hace muchísimo tiempo siguiendo tu trabajo y todo él me parece maravilloso. Muchas gracias por este sorteo.
Mariola Abascal

la ninja dijo...

hola, a mi també m'agraden gairebé tots. however, I have a "sweet" spot for all your scenery pincushions (num. 64's colours are a dream, for example) and that cloud pendant is pretty "dreamy" too.

merci :)

Beatriz dijo...

Todo lo que tú haces es maravilloso. Pero los Extreme colliers me pierden :D


Textil stil dijo...

Hi, what a wonderful give away. Entering your etsyshop is like walking into a candyshop, so much beautiful to choose from and you want to have everything. But if I have to pick one thing I think your pendants are a favorite. So cute. Have a nice day!

Elisa dijo...

nice give away ! thanks !
My favorite item is the Tree collection Nr 15 but I'm not on face book anymore so I can't add you...

my email : be.a.vegetable @ gmail.com

cerebral e dijo...

I love everything in your store but I think my favourite is the collage Bird L8. I also love the postcards I bought from you! The flower and cloud brooches are all so lovely.

elissa at iinet dot net dot au

pontos dijo...

My favorite item, just one? Impossible to love just one, they are all underfull! :P


Hanna dijo...

I like clouds collection 03!

zivizivi dijo...

hello ; i love petit patisserie collection but i really love kupkup sciens :D

thanks for the giveaway :D

I dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
I dijo...

Me gusta muchos "Doll Pincushion" Son muy originales, y los colores son bonitos.

Christine dijo...

Ouuhh ... Please count me in! Thank you for having this generous giveaway.

I must say my favourites have always been your pasteries. They are fantastic. Allthough I also do adore the clouds :-)
(ps - like your new page design :o)
Thanks again

Smile Felt Broches dijo...

Nos encantan tus sweet cakes brooch y los heart pendant.

Muchas gracias por el sorteo. Nos apuntamos.

Smile Felt Broches

Cyncontemporary dijo...

A mi me encantan la seccion del mundo de Kup Kup siempre me hacen soñar y me identifico mucho con eso. Me encanta todo porque yo se que son todos super bien hechos.

Espero tener suerte!! porque conozco la calidad de tus productos.

o justkutz@yahoo.com

Kerry dijo...

In your shop I like the Petit patisserie pincushion- delightful. Thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway

Nanou dijo...

All of your items are great and one-of-a-kind. I love little patisseries a lot but I also fell in love with Kup Kup always higher illustration. The colors are great It really is a great work of art.
Thanks a lot for this sweet giveaway.

kavkadesign dijo...

I love everything!!! When I found your Etsy shop and blog I can't stop reading... I spent ages looking, reading just admiring those wonderful pictures and small beauties on them :-) So my favourite thing is this lovely yellow heart with two cute dears (i suppose they are dears ;-) because I love creatures like them (so sweet and delicate), with small red coral beads (so gentle) and this little red flower - it's amazing!!!! and sweet small cake brooch is so yummy, and bird, and remember me, and heart pendant, and ... god it's so difficult to choose one favourite thing. By the way sorry for my English ;-) Hugs Asia

Ángela dijo...

Hola! Siempre me han encantado tus cosas, pero mis favoritas son las colecciones de árboles... parecen ilustraciones para libros de niños. Podrían ser para una mini-enciclopedia de árboles de fantasía! ;)

Realmente admiro mucho tu trabajo, se nota que lleva muchísima dedicación y creatividad. Te felicito!


latarnia morska dijo...

I joined you on Facebook with a great pleasure!

No way I could decide what I like the most in your Etsy shop, because everything you make is lovely and one of a kind! But I guess I have a thing for brooches and pincushions and your clouds and passtiseries are just darling! :-)

Thanks for this opportunity :)

Luna Encaprichada dijo...

hola guapa pues precisamente a mi lo que mas me gusta de tus creaciones son los pequeños pasteles de broche, asi que espero ganarmelos y lucirlos como nadie jejeje

dimesydiretes dijo...

La verdad es que te sigo hace tiempo y me gusta todo!

pero como soy costurera lo que mas me gusta son los alfileteros preciosos que haces.

Ah! y el colgante de insecto!

besos y sigue asi!

heleen dijo...

Oooh I don't know if I'm still in time, but I'll just use this opportunity to tell you I really love love love the owl pendants. And your cloud brooches are extraordinarily pretty as well - the use of different colours is always exquisitely done!

janil dijo...

Me gusta tooooooooooodo!!!!!Pero me quedo con Extreme Marie-Antoinette collier 21 !!!Impresionante!Me voy a vuestro FCB (ahí soy Montse g. p).

cal_rubies arroba yahoo punto es