Clouds, owls and Koulourakia

Clouds, owls, hot weather...and cherry-flavored Koulourakia for tea
Nubes, buhos, mucho calor....y Koulourakia con sabor a cereza para merendar

5 comentarios:

Maia dijo...

The clouds are adorable!!! I love the little sparkly stitches!!!

april dijo...

So much cuteness here! Love it!

Anónimo dijo...

Love your photos - so pretty!
And clouds and owls - oooh my, adrorable :D

heleen dijo...

I just realised what these owls remind me of..: Ann Wood's work! Do you know her? She also has a shop and a blog: http://www.annwoodhandmade.com/ . I think you might find her work very inspiring!

Chastity dijo...